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Grace Travis (Thandie Newton) has forsworn her dangerous life as an undercover cop to look after her daughter and with the arrival of her estranged mother Vivian, she finds herself with new challenges on the home front.

Grace has taken a new job as a handler for an FBI Task Force and under her new bosses Leni and Elliott, she is investigating the shadowy world of corporate espionage in San Francisco. But when Sarah, the young female undercover operative Grace is responsible for goes missing, Grace is forced to go back undercover herself to find her lost agent before it’s too late.

Deep undercover, Grace meets the charming and enigmatic Ethan (Cole Hauser), who owns the security consultancy Sarah was investigating when she disappeared. Grace must gain Ethan’s confidence if she is to learn what has happened to Sarah, as he may be responsible for her disappearance, perhaps even her death.

But Ethan has his own agenda. One of Ethan’s business partners and closest friends was murdered the night Sarah disappeared; Ethan has sworn to find the person responsible. A dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues, as Grace uses Ethan to find Sarah, Ethan, in turn, uses Grace to find out who murdered his friend. As Grace gets ever closer to the charming Ethan, she finds her feelings for him growing. But can she trust him?

Uncovering what happened to Sarah will lead Grace to discover a dark secret in Ethan’s past; a secret that has led to betrayal and murder and will ultimately bind Ethan and Grace’s fates together.


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